The Oscars Will Not Have A Host For The First Time Since 1989

February 6, 2019

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Well the Oscars are just a couple of weeks away and following the Kevin Hart controvery, there will be NO host for this year's Oscars. For the first time in 30 years, the Oscars will be hostless. Instead of a main host, a variety of celebrities will help present awards, maybe even doing some bits in between.

The last time the Oscars went without a host was in 1989, and that resulted in the infamous Rob Lowe musical number. That incident resulted in an open letter from 17 celebrities condemning the show for allowing that production to go through. A part of me hopes we don't have a repeat of that, but I also wouldn't mind seeing a little bit of drama.

Honestly though, I am disappointed that they didn't find a host. There were a lot of people they could've picked from. My shortlist included:

1) Billy Crystal

2) Kate McKinnon

3) Jimmy Fallon

4) Ellen DeGeneres 

5) Donald Glover (featuring a Childish Gambino performance)

6) Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

7) Patrick Stewart

8) Patton Oswalt

9) Chris Rock

10) Nick Offerman

While Billy Crystal and Ellen DeGeneres have (obviously) hosted before, I wouldn't mind seeing one of them back on the stage. And Patrick Stewart has a really great sense of humor that spans across generations. Honestly my fantasy picks for the job as Oscars host is still better than the NFL's actual pick for a halftime performance.