Watch This Bird Box And The Office Mashup

January 11, 2019

ID 52737191 © Loganban |

I love when people recut some of my favorite shows and movies to be the exact opposite of their original purpose, or when they do crossovers. And right now, Bird Box is the biggest thing on the internet. I don't really understand why, the movie was okay. It definitely wasn't anything like A Quiet Place. But I can appreciate Bird Box for its memes and now, somebody has mashed up The Office and Bird Box.

It's actually terrifying how well the Bird Box trailer and clips from The Office work. Most of that can be attributed to the shenannigans of Michael and Dwight.

But this isn't the first time The Office has been transformed into a horror movie. Remember the trailer for My Cousin Mose? Now that is something I would see in a heartbeat.

So even though Bird Box isn't the greatest movie of all time (it's too reminiscent of A Quiet Place), it's still not bad. And now we have this hilarious Bird Box and The Office mashup that I can't stop watching and can't stop laughing at. I probably won't watch Bird Box again, but at least I'll always have The Office.