Shelter Pet Is The Official State Pet Of Ohio

March 26, 2019

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Yes, you read that correctly- the official state pet of Ohio is a shelter pet! It was very cool to see Ohio join the cause to get shelter animals the homes they deserve. There's still a long way to go in terms of animal welfare across the country, but naming shelter pets as the official state pet will bring awareness to shelters and fosters around the state!

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So now with the new state pet, Ohio joins a few other states who have done the same, like Georgia and Tennessee. California made shelter pets their state pet a few years ago, but they also recently enforced that pet stores only have rescue animals available. I would love to see Ohio do the same thing and make rescue animals available in pet stores.

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Hopefully this move by Ohio will discourage the support of puppy mills and backyard breeding. I know a lot of people worry about mixed breeds and what their behavior will be like, but the most valuable and important thing you can do for your dog (purebred or mutt) is give him or her a lot of love and attention. And when you adopt from a shelter, the employees will always give you suggestions for prescription diets if your new cat needs it, how to potty train a dog, how to handle a rabbit; we will always provide you with resources based on fact and for a lot of us, also based on our own personal experiences. 

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