Parma Residents Will Vote On Pit Bull Ban May 7th

May 2, 2019

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Parma residents have less than one week until they vote on Issue 10- will they lift the existing pit bull ban, or will they join countless other cities who are ending breed specific legislation? 

As an animal lover and owner of two pit bull mixes, I hope the vote passes and the BSL in Parma is lifted. When Lakewood lifted their pit bull ban and ended BSL, they introduced breed neutral legislation, which basically holds the owners accountable for the actions of their dog. Maybe this is something that Parma should consider?

Any dog has the ability to be vicious, no matter what their breed might be. it's all about proper training and socialization. As I always point out- Michael Vick's dogs were able to be rehabilitated and live normal lives after they were rescued. That's just proof that no matter how a dog might have been raised, he or she does have a second chance for a better life, and that it's not the dog breeds that are inherently vicious.

I like police dogs, especially the rescued ones with blocky heads. This is K9 Leonard of Clay Township, Ohio who I met last year while working on the Pit Bull Heroes book. Can't wait to share his amazing story with you in the book! --------‍♀️

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We're one week and one day away from #ParmaCityCouncil meeting - to #EndBSL. The council meeting starts at 7pm, but for this first one, I'd like us to organize outside beforehand between 6-6:30pm (at the latest). For those who want to speak, you'll sign up before the council meeting. Public comment occurs at the very end. For this sake, I'd like to get an update on potential attendees planning on coming. The event was created two months ago, and now has 137 marked as "going" and another 615 marked currently as "interested" = potentially 752 people. We never had this many when we organized for Lakewood's repeal of their "pit bull" ban. One thing is clear, we have to make a statement this first one. I'd like to get an update on everyone who is planning on coming. More info coming tomorrow. Hope to see you all there to support this initiative to repeal the three decades of ineffective dog legislation. We will be there filming for the re-release of our #documentary #film - @gtpifilm. Event Link:

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Owners should be held accountable for their dogs actions. It's not the dog's fault that he or she doesn't know how to behave in certain situations. Dogs need stimulation, exercise, down time, and training. Are you about to experience a new situation that you haven't been able to prepare your dog for? Call trainers and ask for advice or check out what people say online. Ask your friends or family for tips- they will be more than happy to help you.