Over 100 Dogs Were Fostered And Adopted Ahead Of Hurricane Florence

September 14, 2018

© Dmitry Kushch

When it comes to hurricanes, we always think about what we would do in that situation, whether or not we live anywhere near the path of the storm. I tend to stay away from hurricane stories especially. Why? Because they're usually about animals and they usually make me sad. But, these good samaritans in North Carolina waited in line at Saving Grace ahead of Hurricane Florence in order to foster dogs before the storm hit. Look at that line of people!

How great is that? Some of the dogs were adopted while the rest have new foster families. These people are trying to make sure that the animals are taken care of, even if they cannot permanently join their families. Who knows, some of these foster dogs might have even found their future fur-ever homes! Now these four legged beauties have safe places to wait out the storm while Saving Grace is mostly empty and ready to help any lost animals following Florence.