Producer Alanna Picked Out Her Wedding Dress

October 7, 2019
Eric and Alanna on the river

So back in June, I came home from vacation with a sunburn and an engagement ring! Since then, we've been slowly putting together our May 2021 wedding (which will be on Topsail Island, where Eric proposed). We've picked out a venue, a caterer, and a photographer. We're on the same page for a lot of stuff for the wedding- no bouquet toss, no garter toss, and definitely no cake cutting. We managed to get our guest list down to just over 100 people and that is a huge deal because both of our parents come from very large families (both of my parents come from families of seven and Eric's dad comes from a family of NINE). 

You’re facing down a dark hall, I’ll grab my light and go with you • • • #asianlanternfestival #clevelandzoo

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So back in July I decided to go looking at dresses with one of my maid of honors (yes, I have two. Who says I can only have one!?), Eric's mom, and my mom. On accident, we found THE DRESS. AND it was on sale- you can't beat that! So after two months of making payments, I finally got to pick it up on Saturday with my maid of honor (right) and one of my bridesmaids (left).

We picked up my dress today! Like I’m going to let any of you see it • • • #saidyestothedress #dickjokesforever #nothyphenating #bridesmaid #maidofhonor

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HA! Like I was really going to post a picture of my wedding dress. I hadn't planned on getting a dress this early, but when I picked it out back in July, it was actually the kick in the butt I needed to get myself down to the gym. So I've been going for an hour every morning before the show for just over two months and I've lost almost 15 lbs! So even though you can't see my wedding dress or if you think I picked it out too early, I think it was exactly what I needed to start living a healthier lifestyle.