3 Ways To Keep Your Pets Warm This Weekend

January 18, 2019

Alanna Crummie

Winter Storm Harper is upon us and even though the forecast isn't set in stone yet (this storm is very unpredictable), we do know a few things; it's going to snow a lot, we're going to get wind chill values near zero, and then we're going to be hit with lake effect snow. Since we're in for a doozy this weekend, it's important to remember that the cold weather doesn't only affect us, but it also affects our pets. So, here are three ways to keep them safe and warm this weekend.

1) Salt, ice, and snow can get stuck in between your pets paws which can cause serious irritation if not addressed. This wouldn't cause just irritation with their paws, but it could also cause problems with their mouth when they try to lick away the stuff on their feet. So make sure you wipe their paws when they come inside or you could put those little booties on your pet! They would look adorable AND their paws would stay protected.

2) Dogs with long hair have some added protection when they go outside to play in the snow. But our short-haired pals are more exposed to the cold and just like people, animals can suffer from hypothermia and frostbite. So you'll want to keep them warm by taking very short walks (if you choose to do so) and only leave them outside for a few minutes to do their business and come back in. Or if you have a sweater for your pup, put it on them! Just like the booties, a sweater would make them look dapper and also keep them warm.

3) Winter storms can bring a lot of unpredictability not just in accumulation forecasts, but also in your home. If Winter Storm Harper knocks out your power or even freezes your pipes, you'll want to make sure you and your animals are able to get fresh water and stay warm. Before the storm hits and everybody else is running to the store for supplies, make sure you pick up some cases of bottled water or jugs of water. You'll want enough water for yourself to drink, but also enough water for your pets.

Click here for more tips to keep your pets safe during the snow and freezing temperatures! And before it gets too cold, remember to play with your dogs in the snow for a little bit! My dogs are winter pups and they love catching snowballs.