A Ref Was Caught With His Mask Over His Eyes During the Browns/Bengals Game

September 18, 2020
KhaDarel Hodge #12 of the Cleveland Browns signals a first down against the Cincinnati Bengals

Jason Miller / Stringer

Last night was a pretty good night for Cleveland. The Browns actually looked really good and beat the Bengals 35 to 30. The Browns were performing so well that it seems one thing slipped past fans- a referee's face mask was covering his eyes.

Here's a closer look.

Now who knows how this happened or how long it was for. It probably happened in the moment and the ref didn't have a chance to move his face mask back down. So first off, this ref needs to go out and buy himself a mask that will fit better. Secondly, I wonder if all the refs at the Bucs game will suddenly be wearing their face masks like this so Tom Brady can try to prove to everyone that he is NOT a system QB?

The Browns really showed up last night in Cincinnati, and Mayfield finally connected with OBJ in a big way. Hopefully we can see more of that connection as the season progresses. There are still a few kinks that could probably be worked out, but overall, the Browns gave an amazing performance on national television. Let's just hope the long break between now and their game against Washington doesn't derail them. Oh, and that the refs have their masks on correctly and aren't literally blind referrees.