Roxy Is Looking For Her Forever Home

May 1, 2019

Photo Courtesy of the Cleveland Animal Protective League

Meet Roxy! She's a 4 year old Boxer/Pit bull mix and she is also one of our long term residents at the Cleveland Animal Protective League and we're not sure why. Just a few months ago she was still learning tricks. Now she knows sit, lay down, roll over, paw, and high five! She's a smart lady!

Meet our Animal Care Supervisor Jacob's favorite animal currently at the Cleveland APL. Roxy doesn't play games, except for when she's playing hard to get (with a toy). This 4-year-old Cane Corso mix is mastering her commands--she knows sit, stay, high five and paw, and she's working on down and roll over. She'll be happy to go for a walk or romp in the yard and then she's ready to snooze at your side the rest of the day. Visit the Cleveland APL today and take home your perfect Valentine!

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Because Roxy has been with us for so long, she recently spent a little time in a foster home where we saw that she really thrives in that kind of environment. Her foster said that if Roxy nudges at your sheets on the bed, it means she wants to crawl under them. And when she takes naps, she falls asleep with her bankets in her mouth! She loves to play outside and fetch is one of her favorite games. And if she wants attention, she'll lean into you so you can give her scratchies and pets.

Roxy is also a pretty healthy dog! She had some kennel cough, which is not uncommon in the shelter, and she's on a prescription diet because she has sensitive skin and the food she's on helps prevent skin irritation and allergic reactions. She also shows some resource guarding, so she will definitely need patient adopters who will continue her training. She does okay with smaller dogs but bigger dogs make her nervous, so if you have any resident dogs, make sure to bring them in for a meet and greet with Roxy!

Roxy is a very good girl and the APL has been working diligently with her to help her thrive so she can find the forever home she deserves. She's doing better now that she's out of her kennel and spending time in Jacob's office, but she'll do even better and open up more once she's in a home. If you are interested in Roxy, visit her at the APL today!