The Rock Hall Will Feature Sensory-Friendly Bags Starting On Friday

August 23, 2018

© Bambi L. Dingman |

Starting on Friday, August 24th, the Rock Hall will offer (at no extra cost) a sensory bag for patrons on the Austism spectrum. The Rock Hall was inspired last year after The Q began sensory friendly accomodations for fans who are autistic, or fans who suffer from PTSD and demetia. Much like a Cavs game, the bright lights, loud noises, and flashy displays at the Rock Hall can cause a patron with autism to be overwhelmed, so the bags created by KultureCity for the Rock Hall feature noise reducing headphones and a weighted lap pad, along with other sensory friendly accomodations.

KultureCity has implemented sensory friendly resoures and inclusive zones across the country in attempt to make sure that everyone enjoys their experience, whether it be a football game, a basketball game, or a flashy museum about the history of rock n' roll. The Rock Hall will also be training employees to help take care of sensory sensitive patrons and ensure that they have just as much fun as anybody else.