Look At John Dorsey Snuggle With A Puppy At Browns Facility

January 28, 2019

© Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone is a sucker for some kind of animal. You see a cat, a dog, rabbit, etc., your heart melts into goop, and you could just cry when you see their adorable faces. Okay well, maybe that's just me.

But if there are two things people in Cleveland love, they are this; animals and football. And lucky for us, Swagger visited the Browns facility the other day and brought his puppies! The Bullmastiff has a pretty large family, according to his bio, and he decided to drop by the Browns facility with a litter of puppies! John Dorsey's reaction is how I am around dogs.

Look at how cute they are! Not to mention they were dressed VERY appropriately for their first facility visit. Now, what are the responsibilities of these puppies? Will they be doing all the hard work so Swagger and Moose can relax?