Dragonfly Swarms Are So Big, They're Showing Up On Radars

September 11, 2019
Dragonfly nature reserve

Douglas Rissing

We're used to seeing midges and mayflies show up on the weather radars thanks to Lake Erie being right there...but dragonflies!? The swarms of dragonflies are so big that they're showing up on the radar! Okay well these aren't ALL dragonflies (that would be a little apocalyptic); NWS Cleveland says that this is probably a combination of other insects and possibly some birds...but still, it's pretty cool and less gross than midges and mayflies.

And check out all the dragonflies in this woman's backyard!

It looks like there's no explaination for the swarms of dragonflies. Maybe it has something to do with Friday being the 13th and a full moon? Either way, you have nothing to worry about since they are completely harmless.