Vinyl Sales Went Up In 2018 Thanks To These Artists

January 15, 2019

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If you're looking for quality sound, vinyl is where it's at (along with a good record player). The quality that we get from vinyl is just so much better than what we get digitally or even on CDs. I used to work at a media/entertainment store and besides video games, vinyl was the most popular thing I sold people of all ages. I sold everything from jazz to metal, new and old. Sometimes it would be in the same purchase for the same customer.

But thanks to big names like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and David Bowie, vinyl sales went up 15% in 2018. The Beatles had three records make it into the top 15 best selling albums, and they came out on top as the best selling artist. The only name on the list of artists that is not a classic rock group is Panic! At The Disco, but I can't be surprised by their popularity considering Brendan Urie's insane amount of talent.

The top selling albums were The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, Michael Jackson's 'Thriller, ' and Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumors.'