In These Virginia Towns, It Is Illegal To Trick Or Treat

October 15, 2018

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Halloween is a pretty fun holiday. It's especially fun for kids because they get to go around and get candy with their friends and stay up watching Halloween movies. Well in these Virginia towns, they have put official restrictions on Halloween, inlcuding an AGE LIMIT for trick or treaters. Trick or treating can only happen between 6pm and 8pm and if you are more than 12 years-old, you can count yourself out, because you are not allowed to trick or treat. And if you DO go trick or treating, you can expect a fine.

Now when you hit your teenage years and you're still trick or treating, it seems a little strange. I'd rather have some teenagers trick or treating though if it means they are (mostly) staying out of trouble. But to be 12 years-old and told you're not allowed to trick or treat? I think that's a ltitle aggressive. 12 year-old kids are still in middle school and are barely out of elementary school. They're still kids and they should be allowed to enjoy things that other kids get to do.

So what do trick or treaters have to do? Show their ID to the people passing out candy like it's the liqour store?