I Think I'm Going To Cat Man Do

Bob Seger Themed Bar Opens In Michigan

July 30, 2018

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You now don't have to leave the USA to go to Cat Man Do, just go to Unionville, Michigan. A Bob Seger themed bar opened last Friday in the tiny town (pop. 508) that last hosted Bob Seger in 1967 when he was fronting The Last Heard. The bars' owner, Dennis Collon, was at that show, and later played pool with Seger at a local restaraunt. It made such an impression on him that 50 years later he opened the "Tribute Bar" using the name of the Seger classic from the "Beautiful Loser" and "Live Bullet" albums.

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Seger has said that he'll make an unannounced visit to the bar at some point, which should be a front page level event for the local newspaper.