Give Us A Hand To Raise 38 Grand Update

Minuteman HR has matched early donations

November 19, 2020



There's still a long way to go to Thanksgiving, but you've made the "Give Us A Hand To Raise 38 Grand" for the St. Augustine's Hunger Centers by Thanksgiving campaign a success already. Thanks to all who donated the first $20,000 which was matched by the good people at Minuteman HR. We expect that number to rise based on businesses contacting us about making corporate donations, and becuase many people just haven't gotten around to it yet. Thank you to all who have generously given so far, and to Minuteman HR for going above and beyond. I sincerely hope you all felt the same feeling of satisfaction that I felt when I donated. The feeling of doing the right thing for Clevelanders in need, and the unity of a whole community banding together for a common cause. If you haven't got that feeling for a while just clich HERE to donate. Feel free to share this with someone that might want to join the cause. The link will remain open until the end of the day on Black Friday. In a year that nothing seemingly is as it was one thing remains unchanged, the generosity and concern of Greater Clevelanders for others. We'll have updates on air and here as get get closer to the end of the campaign, but until then we wish you a happy Thanksgiving. And thanks for giving!