Bill Louis & 'NCX TSO Trip Winners Review The Private Show

They did the show just for us!

November 16, 2018

Bill Louis - WNCX

Having your own personal TSO concert is a unique experience, but that's just what happened for 'NCX contest winners Bill and Sheila Rapp. I joined them last weekend in Omaha, Nebraska for the final dress-rehearsal for the East Trans-Siberian Orchestra troupe.

After meeting both East and West TSO bands, we had a great dinner with the bands, then they got to work!

See the amazing pictures from the rehearsal by clicking here.

And what did the winners think? Listen below because I had a chat with Bill and Sheila after they came down from their TSO high.

TSO in in town December 30th at the Q, 3 pm and 8 pm. Listen for your chance to win tickets and a chance at $5,000 in holiday cash weekdays at 9:25 am, 1:25 pm, 4:25 pm,& 8:25 pm.