Ronnie James Dio

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Classic Rock Almanac April 29, 2019

April 29, 2019


1965-Jimmy Nicol, the drummer who stood in for Ringo Starr during a Beatles Australian tour in 1964, appeared in a London Court faced with bankruptcy with debts of 4,000 pounds. Later in the year he would join the successful Swedish group, The Spotnicks, recording with them and twice touring the world. As for his eight show stint with The Beatles, Nicol would later say "Standing in for Ringo was the worst thing that ever happened to me. Until then I was quite happy earning thirty or forty pounds a week. After the headlines died, I began dying too."

1969-Ringo Starr added his vocal to "Octopus's Garden" for the forthcoming Beatles "Abbey Road" album. It was only the second time that one of Ringo's own compositions had been recorded by the band, the first being "Don't Pass Me By" in 1968.

1970-George Harrison tells reporters that The Beatles will reunite eventually and announces plans for his first post-Beatles solo LP.

1972-New York Mayor John Lindsay intervened in the immigration proceedings against John Lennon. Lindsay called attempts by the US government to deport Lennon "a grave injustice in light of Lennon's unique contributions to music and art." Lennon was granted permanent resident status in the US in 1976.

1973-More than 15,000 people attending a Rock concert by Elvin Bishop, Canned Heat, Buddy Miles and Fleetwood Mac are routed from a baseball stadium in Stockton, California, by police firing tear-gas canisters. More than 80 people, including 28 police officers, are hurt and fifty arrests are made.

1980-Black Sabbath began their first tour with vocalist Ronnie James Dio, who had replaced Ozzy Osbourne.

1988-Eric Clapton's wife, Patti "Layla" Boyd, files for divorce, citing Clapton's affair with an Italian TV personality who bore his child.

2003-A $5 million lawsuit against former Creedence Clearwater Revival leader John Fogerty was dismissed after a personal-injury lawyer claimed that he suffered hearing loss in his left ear from attending a Fogerty concert. The Judge said the plaintiff assumed the risk of hearing damage when he attended the concert in 1997.


1942-Klaus Voorman
artist, musician who played bass with Manfred Mann and the Plastic Ono Band.