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Classic Rock Almanac April 5, 2018

April 5, 2018


Today's Question: Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready celebrates his 53rd birthday today. McCready formed a side band in 1994 with a bass player he'd met in rehab named John Baker Saunders. Who was the singer in this group?

  Stumped? Here are some hints.

  • He was the singer of another Seattle band whose debut album was released almost exactly a year before Pearl Jam's.
  • His final studio recording was a cover of Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2," which was released by the onetime group Class of '99.
  • He passed away on this day in 2002 at just 34 years old.

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2007-Bruce Springsteen makes a surprise appearance at the Music of Bruce Springsteen tribute show at New York's Carnegie Hall. 

2007-Mark Saint John, who played guitar in KISS in 1984, dies from a cerebral hemorrhage. He was 51.

2002-In London, R-E-M guitarist Peter Buck is acquitted of all charges connected with his behavior on a Seattle to London flight the previous April. The jury finds him not guilty of being drunk on an aircraft, of damaging British Airways property and of two counts of assaulting crew members.

2002-Layne Staley of Alice in Chains died on this day, according to the medical examiner's report. His body is actually not found until April 19th. His death comes eight years to that day after Kurt Cobain, whose body wasn't found for three days, is said to have committed suicide. 

1998-Former Rainbow and Jeff Beck Group drummer Cozy Powell dies in a car crash in Bristol, England at age 50.

1994-Kurt Cobain of Nirvana kills himself with a shotgun blast in a greenhouse above the garage at his home in Seattle, Washington. His body is not discovered until April 8th.

1981-Bob "The Bear" Hite, singer and harmonica player of Canned Heat ("On the Road Again," "Going Up the Country"), dies of a heart attack in Venice, California. The 36-year-old is the band's second (but far from last) fatality. Guitarist-singer Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson died of an overdose in 1970.

1979-The Knack records "My Sharona" at Whitney Recording Studio in Glendale, CA.

1979-Journey releases its fifth album, Evolution.

1971-Chicago kicks off a historic five-night run at Carnegie Hall in New York. Highlights are released as a multi-disc album set.


Dave Holland - 70 years old
Ex-Judas Priest/ex-Trapeze drummer. Born 1948.

Peter Grant - Died in 1995
Led Zeppelin's manager was widely considered the band's fifth member. The onetime bouncer, a corpulent man with a fearsome reputation, died at 60 of a heart attack on November 21st, 1995. Born 1935.

Layne Staley (The group was Mad Season.)