The Beatles

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Classic Rock Almanac February 11, 2019

February 11, 2019


1963-The Beatles spent ten hours at Abbey Road studios recording the tracks that would make up the bulk of their first album. Late in the session, despite suffering from a severe cold, John tackles "Twist And Shout" as an afterthought. When it was released as a single in the US, it rose to #2.

1965-Ringo Starr marries his pregnant girlfriend, Maureen Cox in London, England. She gave birth to son Zak the following September. John Lennon, his wife Cynthia, Brian Epstein and George Harrison attended, but Paul McCartney was away on vacation in Tunisia.

1970-John Lennon pays 1,344 Pounds in fines for protesting the South African rugby team playing in Scotland.

1979-The TV movie Elvis, starring Kurt Russell, airs on ABC-TV with an estimated audience of 43 million viewers.

1983-The Recording Industry Association of America awards Bob Seger his seventh consecutive US platinum award for the album, "The Distance".

2002-Elton John performs at the National Basketball Association All-Star Game in Philadelphia.

2016-The Rolling Stones were put under 24-hour armed guard after a worker at one of their shows in Argentina was shot dead in a botched robbery after a show at the La Plata stadium.