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Classic Rock Almanac October 19, 2018

October 19, 2018


2004-Rod Stewart releases Stardust, the third volume of standards in his Great American Songbook series.

2000-The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum unveils Lennon: His Life and Work. Yoko Ono contributes many artifacts to the exhibit, including drawings, the bed he slept in and the glasses he wore the night he was killed.

1997-Original Alice Cooper guitarist Glen Buxton dies at age 49.

1993-Pearl Jam releases Vs. which will break a first-week sales record in the SoundScan era by selling 950-thousand copies out of the box.

1984-Aerosmith's 1976 album Rocks is certified double-platinum.

1981-Evolution, the second Journey album to feature lead singer Steve Perry, is certified platinum.

1979-Styx release Cornerstone, which contains what will be the band's only chart-topping single, "Babe." The album reaches double-platinum status.

1979-Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers release their third album, Damn the Torpedoes.

1973-David Bowie releases Pin-Ups, an album of covers of his favorite English rock songs from the mid-'60s.

1968-Small Faces singer-guitarist Steve Marriott invites guitarist-singer Peter Frampton of The Herd to join the Small Faces at a London performance, setting the stage for Humble Pie, the group Marriott and Frampton later leave their respective groups to form.

1966-The Yardbirds arrive in New York to begin their first American tour, with guitarists Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page both in the lineup. Beck quits the tour after two dates and is out of the band by year's end.


Patrick Simmons - 70 years old
The singer-guitarist is the only member of The Doobie Brothers to remain in the lineup from the very beginning. He wrote their first number-one hit, "Black Water." Born 1948.

Keith Reid - 72 years old
He wrote all the lyrics for Procol Harum. Born 1946.

Peter Tosh (Winston Hubert McIntosh)-Died in 1987
The ex-Wailers/solo singer-guitarist was shot and killed during a robbery at his home in Jamaica September 11th, 1987. He was 42. Born 1944.