Hue Jackson Foundation opens residence for survivors of human trafficking

Browns head coach partners with Salvation Army

July 17, 2018

Alex Hooper-Cleveland, OH (92.3 The Fan) – Hue Jackson will never have a bigger win in Cleveland than the one he got on Tuesday.

The head coach of the Cleveland Browns cut the ribbon for the Hue Jackson Foundation Survivors of Human Trafficking Residence, located at the Salvation Army’s Harbor Light Complex in downtown Cleveland. The facility provides beds to house those who have fallen victim to human trafficking, and provides a safe environment for up to 12 recovered adult survivors.

The residence not only houses survivors, but provides social services like medical concerns, addictions and other spiritual, emotional and physical needs.

According to detective John Morgan, the Hue Jackson Foundation special advisor and head of the human trafficking task force, there have already been over 90 identified victims in the Greater Cleveland area in 2018 alone.

Ohio currently ranks fourth in the United States in reported cases of human trafficking.

“This is bigger than football to me,” Jackson said. “When I took this job… my family, we wanted to do something to make a difference for Cleveland.

“Hopefully this will be the start of some place that these ladies know they can come and be safe, and get them through getting back to where they need to be.”

Jackson indicated he had seen the signs and effects of human trafficking first-hand before he and his wife Michelle sought out more information into their newfound cause.

The foundation seeks to educate the public on the signs of human trafficking and funds organizations that show a shared vision in ending what Jackson justifiably called ‘modern day slavery.’

During an impassioned speech to those in attendance at the ribbon cutting ceremony, Jackson said his foundation is preparing an educational training video that he hopes to have sent to each team in the NFL.

“I don’t think people really understand the signs of human trafficking. I think the more education that we can give to everybody, the more we will understand the signs of human trafficking. The National Football League is a tremendous platform to be able to do something that way and make a huge impact, a huge impact, in human trafficking.”

Each year, the host of the Super Bowl has waged an aggressive campaign against human trafficking, as the event has become dubbed as the nation’s largest sex-trafficking event. Jackson even spoke at a hotel during Super Bowl week this year to speak on the cause.

Jackson challenged those in attendance to be the next person to step up and help put an end to human trafficking, stressing that there are hundreds more in Cleveland being exploited, and that the wing which bears his name will not be enough in itself.

The Salvation Army will partner with Cleveland Law Enforcement, Case Western Reserve Law Clinic, Collaborative to End Human Trafficking, Cleveland Rape Crisis Center, Renee Jones Empowerment Center and Metro Health to deliver services to families affected.