John Dorsey

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Browns GM John Dorsey likes to work quietly, move swiftly

Odell Beckham Jr. rumors kick off NFL’s silly season

March 8, 2019

Daryl Ruiter-Cleveland, OH (92.3 The Fan) – Wednesday afternoon Odell Beckham Jr. was going to be a Cleveland Brown.

24 hours later, hold the phone, maybe not.

Welcome to the NFL’s silly season where rumors – fueled by sources (some with agendas, some without) – are rampant, and the Browns are in the middle of many as the tampering window and new league year approaches.

Browns general manager John Dorsey is open for business.

That is the worst kept secret in the league. In fact, it’s disingenuous to even reference the word secret. It’s not.

Dorsey is aggressive by nature and he’s not afraid to make a splash and there is little to suggest he’ll get conservative this offseason.

He’s made over 14 trades since taking over in Dec. 2017 in retooling what was once a feckless roster incapable of beating anyone into a watchable football team in 2018. Now he looks to take the next step this offseason and turn his much-improves roster into a legitimate contender for 2019.

The needs are obvious – defensive tackle, linebacker, corner, safety and receiver.

It’s fair to expect that Dorsey will fill one if not several of those needs when the tampering period opens Monday and free agency opens Wednesday at 4 p.m.

Back to the rumor mill, and how it works with Dorsey.

The first thing you need to know about Dorsey is he holds his cards close to his chest and doesn’t tip his hand. He also doesn’t like when others tip his hand for him. He likes keeping his building air tight when it comes to legitimate information about his plans.

Case in point, last year at the outset of the new league year Dorsey executed not one, not two, but three trades unbeknownst to everyone but the parties involved that landed the Browns Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor, Packers cornerback/safety Damarious Randall and Dolphins receiver Jarvis Landry.

Landry’s and Randall’s names never touched the rumor mill in association with the Browns while Taylor had been tied to Cleveland in rumors for a few years, preceding Dorsey’s reign as GM.

The same goes for several players that Dorsey signed early in free agency in 2018.

Then came the Draft.

While Dorsey’s interest in Baker Mayfield was well known, news of Mayfield being the No. 1 pick was kept quiet until a few hours before the Draft began. It’s since been revealed that Dorsey wanted Mayfield all along.

With Dorsey, loose lips, sink ships.

It is true that Dorsey and Giants general manager Dave Gettleman have spoken.

They got caught Sunday in Indianapolis by NFL Network cameras, but over the course of the last two weeks Dorsey has spoken to a lot of GMs and agents about trades and free agency.

The sense is that something big is brewing with the Browns. A multitude of names have been tied to them.

But, for all the conversations about Beckham, they might have provided Dorsey some cover – have people looking one way while he’s working in a completely different direction – to lay the groundwork for what he intends to pull off next week.

As Beckham suggested on his Instagram account Thursday evening in yet another cryptic message from the 26-year old receiver, “stay tuned.”