Browns to ban fan for pouring beer on Titans CB Logan Ryan

Ryan showered in Dawg Pound while celebrating late Tennessee pick-6

September 12, 2019
 Logan Ryan

Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports


Cleveland, Ohio (92.3 The Fan) – Following a complaint from Titans cornerback Logan Ryan, the Browns intend to ban the fan that showered Logan with beer late in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s 43-13 loss to the Titans.

Ryan first expressed his anger over the incident in an interview with Sirius/XM NFL radio following the game on Monday.

“In this day and age it's ridiculous,” Ryan told Sirius/XM NFL Radio. “I understand that we play football. I understand that we're modern-day gladiators. I understand that fans feel like they can yell and say and degrade, whatever, but you know, we're human beings.

“And I think in society nowadays that's, with everything going on and everybody deserving their rights, I think as a player to hop up over the rail and to have beer splashed in your face, and you're not allowed to respond. Fans are allowed to throw beer in our face and yell whatever they want to yell at us and there's no penalty?”

Ryan also took to Twitter writing, “They can pour beer on us because we’re just athletes right? We’re just entertainment & since they purchased a ticket they can act how they want?” The post also included the official accounts of the NFL, NFLPA, Browns and Titans. 

The NFLPA tweeted back at Ryan, “Thanks for flagging this with us Logan. We’ve gone ahead and contacted league security to address the matter. Please send us a DM if you have any further questions/concerns.”

A Browns spokesperson issued the following statement Tuesday afternoon announcing the ban:

“This individual person’s action is not tolerated in our building as it is not reflective of our fan base or city. We are currently addressing the situation internally, along with NFL Security, and we believe we have identified the person involved. He will ultimately face an indefinite ban from FirstEnergy Stadium for the unacceptable behavior, which is in clear violation of our Fan Code of Conduct.”

Ryan’s complaint went viral.

Video shows Ryan jumping and attempting to enter the stands to celebrate with teammate Malcolm Butler, who just returned a Baker Mayfield interception 38 yards for a score, and Titans fans in the famed Dawg Pound.

As Ryan jumped up the wall a fan threw his beer at him, hitting the cornerback in the face.

Now that fan won’t be returning to FirstEnergy Stadium.