HBO's Hard Knocks, training camp with the Cleveland Browns

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Hard Knocks: Episode 2's biggest hits

Corey Coleman trade, Antonio Callaway citation chronicled in Episode 2

August 15, 2018

Daryl Ruiter-Berea, OH (92.3 The Fan) – Corey Coleman walked into Hue Jackson office and had 1 question.

“Why am I running second team,” Coleman asked. “That s--- is crazy, man.”

“Go ask Todd [Haley],” Jackson responded.

“If you don’t want me to play, why won’t y’’all just trade me?” Coleman said.

He got his wish.

That’s how the second episode of HBO’s Hard Knocks began – the trade of Coleman to Buffalo which followed a montage of offensive coordinator Todd Haley becoming exasperated with Coleman’s lack of effort on the field.

“Come on Corey, get some shoes that work and stay off the ground,” NFL Films cameras captured Haley yelling.

That clip was followed by more frustration by Haley at Coleman.

“Details Corey, you gotta gain trust. If he doesn’t think you know what to do, there’s gonna be a hard time gaining that trust.”

“Come on Corey. Run Corey….go get it. That’s you against him. Come up with that ball. Pride yourself in it.”

“Come on Corey, in the red zone making a f---ing error. Giving up on a ball inside. It’s in your f---ing chest.”

The Browns dealt Coleman – or as Emmanuel Ogbah colorfully put it – gave him away – to the Buffalo Bills for a 2020 seventh round pick.

Here’s what else we learned Tuesday night in Episode 2:

- General manager John Dorsey consulted with senior strategist-player personnel Andrew Healy on their options for adding receivers to the team – via potential trades. Dorsey noticed 1 name wasn’t on Healy’s list. “You don’t have Dez Bryant here,” Dorsey said. Healy mentioned that Bryant was 30 and Dorsey corrected him that he’s 29. Sounds like Dorsey is interested but some in the personnel department are not crazy about the idea.

- Receiver Antonio Callaway did not tell the organization about his citation for driving with a suspended license and possession of marijuana on Aug. 5 at 2:59 a.m. The Hard Knocks cameras caught Callaway, who was clearly not himself and distracted during practice. Both Jackson and Haley asked him during practice if everything is okay and they remind him they are there for him. Then the news breaks and Dorsey and Jackson meet with Callaway and ask him to explain himself.

Dorsey was direct with him. “This isn’t college football. It’s the national football league. And just to put it out there plainly, you’re under the microscope. They want to see you f---- up. You know what, but you’ve got to prove to them f---ers, you know what, I’m a man. I’ve learned from my past, I’ve learned from my mistakes and we’re moving forward.”

Jackson was just as matter of fact. “We’re dealing with something that all this can be prevented. You check your car first of all. You know your history. You can’t take a chance. You can’t put first yourself in that situation and you can’t put us in this situation. Listen, you’ve got talent, but talent ain’t everything I’m looking for. I want you to become a man and responsible and accountable to John and me, this organization and your teammates, or else I wouldn’t keep you on the team. I’m just being very honest with you. Ok. If s--- comes up, you have my number, you got John’s number, you call us ASAP. Ok, that’s what I expect from you from here on in. I believe you, but if I’m wrong on this one, then I’m going to have your ass.”

Callaway was forced to apologize to the team and Jackson issued a warning. "I'll be the first to tell you guys nothing good happens when you're out late or early in the morning, however you want to look at it. All of us in here got to be smarter than that, and that's my charge to him. I think he's telling me the truth. He knows if he's lying to me then I'm done. Everybody gets one mulligan and it better be a mulligan where you're telling the f---ing truth. Then I've got your back. If you're not, I'm done with you because it's too hard trying to do what we're trying to do and have all the other s--- going on, too."

- Tight end David Njoku is using meditation to help him relax and focus. After showing a series of dropped passes by Njoku in practice, the cameras pick up a post-practice exchange where defensive end Nate Orchard teases Njoku about the drops. “Make sure you get on the Juggs, man,” to which Njoku responded “f--- you.” “Alright cool. Good talk,” Orchard fired back before rookie defensive lineman Chad Thomas jabbed Njoku with, “You couldn’t catch a cold butt ass naked in Alaska.” Jackson made Njoku catch 30 balls off the Juggs. Njoku’s efforts are paying off. His hands have turned to Velcro in practice and he caught 2 touchdowns against the Giants last Thursday night.

- Baker Mayfield has taken Jackson’s advice and is getting in much earlier to study. Camera’s showed Mayfield in the quarterbacks meeting room at 6:13 a.m. studying. Jackson was impressed with Mayfield's competion to Callaway against the Giants that was overturned by replay because it was a throw rolling to the right. 

- Jackson is not the soft coach fans think he is. Hard Knocks showed him tearing into his team during and after practice for a lack of hustle, focus and attention to detail. “Quit walking around out there, let’s go. Stop walking,” Jackson yelled before calling the team into a huddle. Tyrod Taylor privately suggested Jackson show film of it in a meeting to drive the point home. “We’ve got some bad habits,” Jackson told Taylor. In a team meeting Jackson let them have it and delivered the speech of the episode.

“This is what you’re putting on tape. It ain’t good enough. And you guys that’s been here with me know g-- d---- well we ain’t practiced like this, true?... You gotta know when you look at that s--- that ain’t the way we practice. See, that’s a bunch of bull s---. That’s not a team that looks like they’re hungry and urgent in everything they do, like a team that’s just going through the motions. I don’t want a team like that. There’s too many things that we’ve been trying to correct for weeks and if you don’t want this green dot on your a--, fix it. This is real football now. You can not practice like this and be good. I don’t give a s--- who you are. You can’t practice like this and be good. I want more, I expect more out of this room – especially out of you veteran guys. It’s a f---ing grind and sometimes you don’t want to do it. You gotta learn to do it when you don’t want to do it. That’s what pro football is. It hurts. You gotta compete against each other, you gotta bust you’re a--, you gotta be in the right spot and you gotta play the f---ing game the way it’s meant to be played or you’re wasting your time. Talent don’t mean s---. I don’t care how much talent we got. Unmotivated talent don’t do s---.”

- The Browns realize Callaway’s potential, but they’re concerned – and rightfully so – that he won’t stay on the right path to realize it. Veteran quarterback Drew Stanton in talking with receivers coach Anthony Henry in a meeting room said, “We were talking about it. Like, is he like too comfortable or he just doesn't really quite get it yet?" Henry responded, "He don't get it yet. Finally he opened up to me yesterday about what's going on his life." The scene ended with Stanton saying: "He's got so much talent. But like everything I've heard about him, he is a really good kid. He's just got to realize, OK, how do you transition and become a pro?” and a “That’s right” from Henry.

After Callaway scored the 54-yard touchdown from Mayfield against the Giants, Haley made a request of veteran Jarvis Landry. "Hey, you need to take that kid on. I don't care if he's f---ing living at your house. We can't have him f--- up. Can you do that? You got all this passion, just take the kid under your wing. Larry Fitzgerald would." Landry responded, “Yes sir,” twice. Jackson also told Callaway: "I know your ability. You've got to make this right. I'm depending on you. There's some things I want you to do as we go through this. You know you've got my support. But I don't want anymore bulls---."

- Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is grateful to the company that sent him lozenges. "If it's free it's me."