Hue Jackson

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Hue Jackson says he's not taking over play calling from Todd Haley

Browns coach says "no doubt" he has support of ownership, GM John Dorsey

October 23, 2018

Daryl Ruiter-Berea, OH (92.3 The Fan) – A day after saying that he would insert himself into the offensive side of the football to “help,” Hue Jackson clarified his comments, which were made in the heat of the aftermath of a 26-23 overtime loss to Tampa Bay.

“I never said I would take over the play calling. I just want to make that clear,” Jackson said Monday. “I think that sometimes things get said, written, whatever that is. When I said that I would do whatever I think I need to do, that is to help. If there was something that I needed to change, I would regardless of what that may be.

“My frustration – again, as a coach, I have to be careful to not get too frustrated too when you see things and you want them to happen faster than maybe they are.”

What did Jackson tell Haley about helping?

“That I would do anything that he needs,” Jackson said. “That I would like to help in any way that I can. That me and him would walk through that and see what that looks like. He is very open to it. He did not say, ‘No, you can’t do that’ or anything like that. We are all committed to doing one thing, trying to find a way to win.”

Jackson hired Haley in January as offensive coordinator to run the offense and call plays after he handled those duties himself his first 2 years as head coach that saw the Browns win 1 game.

“It wasn't mandated to me,” Jackson said. “When I decided to bring Todd here, I made a commitment that he would have total autonomy of the offense. I do not think that you hire a coordinator and put him in that position when you are an offensive head coach to dabble in what that person is doing. That is that decision that I made. Obviously, the guy has been extremely good at what he has done. His reputation precedes him. I think he is doing some things extremely well here right now.

“We just have to get the offense moving to where he wants it and where I want it as we continue to move forward so that we are playing all four quarters and maybe not two and a half. That is all that we are saying.”

The Browns offense has sputtered early in games with just 6 points scored in the first quarter this season – a league low – and 78-40 in the first half.

“All of this falls squarely on me,” Jackson said.

“Our execution, our ability to finish plays, our inability to get chunk plays in the first half leads to us not having opportunities to score. That is a combination of a lot of things.”

The loss to the Buccaneers that saw them rally from a 16-2 halftime deficit dropped the Browns to 2-4-1 on the season and Jackson to 3-35-1 as the head coach of the Browns.

“Added pressure? I have always had added pressure to win now,” Jackson said. “I think everything we have tried to do is win now.

“I think that our players and our coaches are doing everything that we can to win each and every game we play. That is why you play. Nothing more, nothing less than that. I do not feel any extra pressure of, ‘Boy, Hue, you better win or else.’ I have never felt that since I have been here. I am trying to do the best job that I can with the staff and with the players, and we have to find a way to win some game. That is just the nature of the business.”

Jackson understands why many took his comments Sunday as passing the blame for the offensive inconsistencies off on Haley.

“I think that when you are a 1-31 coach from a year ago, everybody is going to take it as I am passing the buck. People are going to feel the way that they feel. I am human just like anybody else, and I want to win,” Jackson said. “All I said – people can go back and look – is that I want to help. I want to be more involved in the offense. It is something that I know how to do. It is something that I have done in my career. I want to assist. If there is an issue that I can help as a head coach, I would think that is something that you do. I did not feel like I said anything wrong. People can spin it, turn it, say it…[any way they want]”

With a daunting schedule remaining, Jackson, who is 3-14-1 in games decided by 6 points or less in Cleveland, believes that he has the full support of owners Jimmy and Dee Haslam.

"No doubt. No doubt. None. No question,” Jackson said.