CLE Craft Breweries Get Crafty in 2020

How a few local craft breweries are switching things up in Fall 2020...

October 11, 2020
Craft Beer



With this time of season comes the favorite and ever-popular craft beer festivals across northeast Ohio. This year's been a tad bit different as most festivals have been cancelled ie: Oktoberfest, etc. A good amount of local craft breweries depend on the income of those festivals to sell their seasonal products. Readjusting their sites in 2020, companies like Marketgarden are taking what would be a 1-day packed event and stretching it across 5 days, dubbed the Pumpkin Beer Fest, coming to a close today.  However, most lost revenue has returned. Great Lakes Brewing Company who hosts their annual "First Pour Party", have solidified the date of Oct.22nd by reservation only. Here's another cool part, GLBC is taking the drink-at-home into account and allowing consumers to enjoy their own first pour party in the comfort of their own living space. More info on that HERE. Reservations for the First Pour Party HERE. Drink responsibly. Keep rockin'.