David Gilmour Unveils New Song in Audiobook

His first in nearly 5 years, Gilmour collaborated with his wife and daughter in a seemingly untapped market for musicians...

June 26, 2020
David Gilmour, Polly Samson

Danny E. Martindale / Stringer


Ex-Pink Floyd member David Gilmour has released his first new song in approximately 5 years on an audiobook, written and narrated by his wife Polly Samson. Entitled 'A Theatre for Dreamers', the audio book is available for purchase to which it's main character is the driving inspiration of Gilmour's song. 'Yes, I have Ghosts' will be released everywhere sometime next week. Daughter Romany took part in the book as well, contributing her harp and vocal skills. A seemingly untapped market for musicians that I think will grow in the future. You can buy the book here. Full story here