Freddie Kitchens, and owners Dee and Jimmy Haslam pose for a photo after a press conference on Monday, Jan. 14, 2019 at FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Phil Masturzo/Akron Beacon Journal/TNS/Sipa USA)


John Dorsey understands fans’ mistrust of Haslams

GM says Browns owners have been "awesome" and nothing but supportive

January 25, 2019

Daryl Ruiter-Cleveland, OH (92.3 The Fan) – Just when things appeared to be finally looking up for the Cleveland Browns, ESPN’s Seth Wickersham dropped a lengthy autopsy of the dysfunction and toxic environment that has stymied the franchise since Jimmy and Dee Haslam bought the team.

Wickersham laid out in detail how Jimmy Haslam created a toxic environment among the multitude of regime’s he’s hired and fired since 2012 and colored in many of the details behind stories we already knew in his piece that was published Thursday by ESPN.

Thursday afternoon general manager John Dorsey told Adam ‘The Bull’ and Dustin Fox in an interview on 92.3 The Fan it is not the environment he’s enjoyed since the Haslams hired him on Dec. 7, 2017.

“I've been with this organization for 13 months, 12 months, and it's been awesome,” Dorsey told Bull and Fox. “It starts at the top with ownership. These guys, they are so supportive. They give us every resource we want. When we sit in meetings, the one question they always say at the end, ‘What can we do? Is there anything we can do to help you guys? Is there anything you need?’

“That’s all you can ask for of ownership. And they deeply care about the people in this community. They care about this team and people in this organization. I couldn’t be prouder to say that I work for the Cleveland Browns and all I know is this, Jimmy and Dee Haslam, I have immense respect for these people.”

Dorsey understands why fans might be worried that despite the positive momentum that was built over the second half of the season that saw the team win 5 of their final 7 games to finish 7-8-1 it could all come crashing down because of the Haslams’ meddlesome ways.

“Everybody in Cleveland has a right to be suspicious because of the record in the past,” Dorsey said. “But you know what? It's our job to say you know what, this thing is going to do it. It won't be from a lack of hard work because we will try to do everything within our power to get this thing right and ownership is readily available to give us any resources we need to help this thing move forward.”

Dorsey also explained why he does not believe past problems will be roadblocks going forward.

“The working relationship that Freddie [Kitchens] and I have, and the relationship that Freddie and I have with ownership is awesome and I can’t wait for this thing to get moving,” Dorsey said.

What’s done is done.

There’s nothing the Haslams or Dorsey can do about 1-31, 4-44 or 3-36-1.

There’s nothing that can be done about Jimmy Haslam sticking his nose in to push for the selection of Johnny Manziel in 2014 or the many messy divorces with the likes of Joe Banner, Michael Lombardi, Rob Chudzinski, Ray Farmer, Mike Pettine, Sashi Brown and Hue Jackson to name a few.

That was the point Dorsey drove home Thursday afternoon.

“I terms of the past, I think we’ve all learned from the past, I think that’s great wisdom,” Dorsey said. “I think we live in the present. Let’s build for the future. So, what is that? That’s check your ego at the door, roll your sleeves up every day and let’s get this thing right.”

LISTEN to the full interview in the podcast here.