Coach Holyko Predicts Major League Baseball Season.

Coach Holyko Predicts MLB Season

April 6, 2019
Holyko With ESPN During Cavs Title Return Flight

It is officially spring !!!  Yay !!! And with it, marks the beginning of the baseball season.  So, in honor of all that, I thought I would once again, amaze you all with my sports predictions.   You are welcome ahead of time.   Let's take a look...

American League

East Champ:  New York Yankees

Central Champ:  Cleveland Indians

West Champ:  Houston Astros

Wildcard:  Boston Red Sox and Oakland A's

National League

East Champ:  Philadelphia Phillies

Central Champ:  Millwaukee Brewers

West Champ:  Los Angeles Dodgers

Wildcard:  Washington Nationals and St. Louis Cardinals


American League

Wildcard:  Boston Red Sox over Oakland A's 

Divisional :  Houston Astros (3) over Boston Red Sox (2)

                   Cleveland Indians (3) over New York Yankees (2)

American League Championship

Houston Astros (4) over Cleveland Indians (1)

National League

Wildcard: Washington Nationals over St. Louis Cardinals.

Divisional:  Philadelphia Phillies (3) over Washington Nationals (1)

                  :Los Angeles Dodgers (3) over Millwaukee Brewers (2)

National League Championship:

Philadelphia Phillies (4) over Los Angeles Dodgers (3)


World Series:

Philadelphia Phillies (4) over Houston Astros (3)

Champions :  Philadelphia Phillies 


So there you have it ....The Phililes.  and I do think the Tribe will do more this season than most people are predicting.    I hope you enjoyed it.  Have a great Spring !!!