Coach Holyko Shares His Predictions For The NFL Playoffs.

Holyko Shares Playoff Predictions For NFL

January 12, 2019
Coach Holyko

With the NFL playoffs in full swing now, I thought it would be a great time to help everyone on who will win it all !!  Consider this a late Christmas present..and you are welcome.   That being said, you should all know that I was perfect with my Wildcard predictions.   I had Colts over Texans,  Cowboys over Seahawks, Chargers over Ravens, and yes, I took the Eagles over the Bears.  So, you see my track record, and now you may all benefit from my vast knowlede....LOL

The Divisional Playoffs:  AFC

Kansas City Chiefs 38, Indianapolis Colts 21

Kansas City's offense is just too much for much improved Colts squad.

New England Patriots 27,  Los Angeles Chargers 21

Patriots machine continues to roll maybe last season,  Chargers will be back.

The Divisional Playoffs:  NFC

Los Angeles Rams 33, Dallas Cowboys 20

The Rams dream season continues, and Cowboys meet reality

New Orleans Saints 35,  Philadelphia Eagles 17

Saints might be the toughest team in the playoffs, Eagles championship reign ends



New England Patriots 31, Kansas City Chiefs 28

Shoot out, maybe an overtime game.  We will see the Chiefs here again next year. 


New Orleans Saints 30,  Los Angeles Rams 27

Close battle all game, Saints outlast Rams



New England Patroits 21, New Orleans Saints 20

What turns out to be more of a defensive battle,  Patriots hold it together for what might be their last title in awhile.


Here is one further prediction to lock in.....2019 Cleveland Browns 11-5, AFC North Division Champs. 

Well, there you have it....lock 'em in baby !!  You 're welcome.