Mike Holyko Reviews Fleetwood Mac Concert

Holyko Reviews Fleetwood Mac

October 27, 2018
Fleetwood Mac

I have been to many concerts in my life, and I have seen some of the greatest performers of all time.  Fleetwood Mac has seemed to slip my grasp for many years. They have been on my concert bucket list for some time.  I have loved this band since the mid-seventies.  Their incredible harmonies, and deep, impactful songs, their intense relationship issues and drama, all added to the appeal.   Mick's incredible drumming skills, John's strong bassline, Christine's melodic sound, Stevie's entrancing ways, and sexy voice, and Lindsey Buckingham's voice and incredible guitar skills made it a perfect group.   The passion and intensity felt when Stevie and Lindsey would sing together was obvious even decades after their break up.  

So when I heard that Fleetwood Mac was coming to Cleveland this fall, I was excited to say the least.   Then the news came that Lindsey was fired from the band.  I was crushed and I thought "How can Fleetwood Mac be Fleetwood Mac without Lindsey"?  I understand that the band was in existence before Buckingham, Nicks, and Christine were a part of it.   I was a little too young to enjoy that version of the band, though I am appeciating it now.  I also know that the band toured awhile ago without Buckingham, and used two session muscians to "replace' him.  I was not impressed.

Because of this information was very torn about seeing Fleetwood Mac.  I was reluctant to purchase tickets.  A dear friend of almost 15 years purchased tickets for us for my 50th birthday.  I was very excited, but continued to be conflicted with the absence of Buckingham.  The excitment and joy felt a little bittersweet.  I was not disappointed.  

Fleetwood Mac was incredible for the entire 2 plus hours they played.  It was incredible to see this talented group of musicans that had such vibrant passion for each other and the music.   From the opening song "The Chain", to the last encore song (a heartfelt duet with Stevie, and Christine), the entire show was riveting.  It spanned the entire career of the band.   Along with the many hits, the band suprised us with a couple other songs.   A very sexy version of Santana's "Black Magic Woman", and a very touching tribute to Tom Petty's "Free Fallin' ", were incredible. One of the hightlights of the night was when they played "Gold Dust Woman"  Stevie Nicks performance was, in my opinion, one of the greatest single song performances I have ever witnessed.  Nicks dancing, and spinning was incredible that along with her haunting voice and raw emotion left us speechless.    Even though the band played numerous favorites, a couple of my personal favorites were missing like "Tusk", "Hold Me", and "Silver Springs".  I understood why "Silver Springs" was missing because it was a song Nicks wrote for Buckingham.  Which brings me to the Buckingham replacements.

Two artists were brought in to "replace" Buckingham, for obviously different reasons.   Mike Campbell was added for his guitar work which was very impressive.  His version of "Oh Well" was amazing.  Mike used to the one of the lead guitarists for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, which makes the tribute to Tom all that sweeter.  Neil Finn was brought in for Buckingham's vocals.   As a child of the MTV generation, and the 80's, I am ashamed to admit this but I did not make the connection that Finn was the lead of 80's band Split Enz, and later Crowded House.   He provided us with a treat by singing one of Splt Enz's most popular song "I Got You", and later "Don't Dream it's Over".  His ability to fill in for Buckingham's vocals was spot on.  

Overall it was truly an honor to be able to witness this incredible band.   They do not make groups like this anymore.  I will say, if you have the opportunity to see Fleetwood Mac, do so ....You will not be disappointed.