It Is Time To Get To Know The New Guy - Mike Holyko

August 18, 2018

Happy Saturday everyone !!!

I started with WNCX back in May, and I think it might be time to get to know me a little more....Since I am on your radio and hopefully in your hearts and minds..  I won't bore you with a whole book on my life, but I will give you some bullet points that will help you know me a little more.  If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask...I have nothing to hide.

*Born July 24, 1968   LEO Baby !!!

*Grew up in Lakewood Ohio, Only Child, Raised by my mom and mostly women.

*Left Handed

*First Kiss in 3rd grade

*Lost my virginity at 15, behind the statue of the Virgin Mary (Pretty sure I am going to Hell for that one).

*Graduated Lakewood High 1986.

*Served in United States Air Force 1988-1992,  Air National Guard 1992-1997.  Mental Health Specialist, inpatient and outpatient

*Graduated Ohio Center for Broadcasting 1995

*Graduated Cleveland State University 2000 Bachelor's in Communication,  Bachelor's in Psychology

*Worked in Broadcastiing on several stations:  106.5, WMMS, WTAM, WZOO  1994-2000

*Worked at Metro Traffic, doing traffic reports from plane. 1995-1996

*Performed some stand up comedy, and was in public access comedy sketch show "The Kamikazee Underground"  1998

*Had several roles in local movies, including "Made in Cleveland", and various plays

*Started own production company "Holykow Productions".  DJing events, weddings, Master of Ceremonies 1999 - present

*Graduated Cleveland State University 2005 Master's in Psychology

*Opened private practice as a Behavioral Health Specialist, specializing on relationships, and human sexuality. 2006 - present

*Instructor, and then became Education Director at the Ohio Media School 2012-2017

*Worked at WIXY1260 online 2016-2018.

*Married twice, divorced once,and in process of second divorce

*4 kids - 3 boys: 16, 14, and 5.  1 girl: 4

*STARTED AT WNCX MAY 2018 !!!!!!

So, there you have it....just some highlights of my life....Hope you found it mildly interesting !!!