Mike Holyko To Create Song Hall Of Fame Website

Mike Creates Song Hall Of Fame

October 29, 2018
Mike Holyko Song Hall Of Fame

So I have decided to start a new web page. It will be the popular music Hall of Fame. It will focus on the greatest songs of all time despite genre. There are many genre hall of fames, but none that celebrate individual songs. There are many artists that may not qualify for an induction, but they may have had a classic song. So, I am going to open it up to public voting. We will start with the early years of 40's and 50's and move forward. Feel free to nominate songs from this time period. Genre does not matter. I will have voting posts and you will be able to determine what songs get in. We will start on a weekly basis for awhile to allow for many songs to get it. I will have links to the songs on the web site for your listening pleasure. And lists of the inducted songs, the artists, the year and the genre. If you are interested in participating feel free to contact me. I think this could be fun and interesting.  Feel free to follow me on Instagram as well for more updates.  Look for Mike Holyko