Mike Holyko Looks At Some Artists That Are On His Bucket List Of Concerts.

September 10, 2018
Mike Holyko WNCX

So during my 50 years on this planet, I have been blessed to see many of music's greatest artists.  Bands like The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Eagles, U2, Kiss, Journey, The Police, Foreigner, Genesis, Heart...the list goes on and on.  Single performers such as Prince (My favorite Artist of all time), Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Elton John, Billy Joel, David Bowie, and so on.   

Despite such a wonderful list, there are still a few artists and bands I have never seen, but want to before I kick the bucket.  I am not including artists that have passed like Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, or The Beatles.  They would definately be on my list, but obviously not an option anymore.

1.  Fleetwood Mac.    This band has been around since the late 60's and have had many different incarnations, all wonderful and unique in their own way.  I am focusing on the lineup of Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, Christine McVie, John McVie, and Mick Fleetwood.   This version of the Hall of Fame band brings so many different sounds and feelings.  The one thing I love about it, is the underlining buring passion between the members.  It is still obvious when Stevie is singiing and looking at Lindsey, that there are still many open wounds.  It is intense, and makes the music more passionate.  I have my chance to see them this fall.  They are coming to Cleveland in October.  I was excited.  Then apparently they fired Lindsey Buckingham !   What ?????  So the question is, is Fleetwood Mac still Fleetwood Mac without him??  Sadly, I think not, and this may be a band I never get a chance to see. 

2. Bruce Springsteen and the E. Street Band.   I have to admit that I have sort of seen Bruce before, but not as a full concert.  I was at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's concert at the old stadium when the Hall opened.  Bruce and E. Street performed, but only a few songs, and with other artists.  There was another time during the last election when Bruce was at a rally by himself, and performed a few acoustic songs.  That was really cool, but what I want to see are the legendary 3 hour concerts with Bruce and his gang letting it all out.   I have already lost the opportunity to see Clarence Clemmons with the band since he passed away.  I have heard so many things about how amazing and intimate a Bruce show feels.  He talks to the audience, and makes each person feel he is talking to them.  To see him with the rest of the band like Little Steven, Niles Lofgren, Patti Sciafia, Max Weinberg and the rest would be amazing for a full show.

3.  Styx.   I saw them once at Blossom about 8 years ago, but it was the reformatted Styx.  Like so many bands of the 70's and 80's do, they have a couple original members, but not all of the band, and usually not the lead singer, so they call themselves the band, and tour.  Those can be fun, but they are not the same.  Journey has almost their lineup with a few exceptions, but they don't have Steve Perry.  Their new lead singer sounds amazing,and does a great job, but it is just not the same.   Styx was a huge band of mine in the late 70's into the late 80s.  Dennis DeYoung, Tommy Shaw, Chuck Panozzo, and the rest of the gang.  To see them perform great songs from Crystal Ball, Paradise Theater, and Mr. Roboto along with all their other hits would be amazing.