Rock Hall Announces Nominees For Class Of 2019, Mike Holyko Selects Who Will Be Inducted.

Holyko Selects Rock Hall Nominees

October 10, 2018
Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

Being a charter member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I look forward to this time of year, every year.   Some people complain that the Rock Hall has left out many vital artists related to Rock and Roll, while adding artists that really do not belong.  I disagree.  I feel that the Rock Hall has done a really good job of including other genre artists that have had an impact on Rock.  I think people get impatient with their favorite artist not being inducted.  We have to remember that this is a constantly changing, evolving list.  It will never be complete because music is never over.  And, let's be honest, many artists just don't belong in the Hall of Fame.  I personally have many artists that I really like, but realize they don't belong.  So here are the nominees for the Rock Hall class of 2019,  I will select the artists I believe will get in this year.  This does not mean that I don't think others on this list will ever get in, I just don't think they will this year.   
Def Leppard 
Janet Jackson 
John Prine 
LL Cool J 
Rage Against the Machine 
Roxy Music 
Stevie Nicks 
The Cure 
Todd Rundgren 
Rufus & Chaka Kahn 
The Zombies

This year I have selected 6 artists that I believe will be inducted to the class of 2019.

1.  Def Leppard.   Late 70's/80's hard rock.  Grew with the birth of MTV.  They carried the torch of the heavy metal bands of the 70's.   Despite loss, and struggles, this band carried on and were not only influential, but a huge commercial success.  Songs include:  "Bringing on the Heartbreak", "Photograph", "Rock of Ages".

2.  Rage Against the Machine.  Early 90's hard rock.  They began in 1991, with a distinctive sound, combining hard rock with rap to create a new sound that has been copied to this day.  Their political affilation made them a crowd favorite, and their live shows became legendary.  Songs include "Bullets on Parade", "Killing in the Name Of", "Renegades of Funk"

3.  Roxy Music.  New Wave/Glam Rock 70's.  With their start in the early 70's Roxy Music was initially considered Glam Rock, but it quickly became apparent that this band would not fit under one label or genre.  Their increased use of sophistication with instruements and music arrangements made them unique to themselves.  Songs include "Avalon" "More Than This", Love is the Drug".

4. The Cure.  New Wave, 80's.  With the musical landscaping in the early 80's several artists appeared under the new wave genre.  The Cure helped lead the way in the early stages of this movement.  Their somber, somewhat depressed tone connected with a generation of youth.  Songs include "Just Like Heaven", "Fascination Street", "Like Cockatoos".

5. Todd Rundgren.  Progressive/Psycholdelic 70's.  Starting his career in the late 60's with bands like Utopia, and Nazz, Todd quickly became well versed with many instruments.  He used these talents creating his own sound during his solo career.   Todd's melodic and progressive sound was unique from other artists within any genre.  Songs include:  "Can We Still Be Friends?",  "We Gotta Get you a Woman", "Just One Victory".

6. The Zombies.  British Invasion 60's.  Part of the British Invasion that included The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, and the Kinks.  This band had a smooth rhymic sound that set it apart from many of the other bands from that genre.   Songs include "Time of the Season", "She's not There", "Tell Her No".