Mike Holyko Reviews Rock Hall Inductees

Holyko's Reaction to Rock Hall Inductees

December 20, 2018
Mike Holyko Rock Review

Greetings everyone....The Rock Hall gave us all an early Christmas present this year, by announcing their final inductees for the class of 2019.   As a charter member of the Rock Hall, I think it is important who gets in.   Many people complain that the Rock Hall inducts the wrong people and ignore artists who should be in.   As I have said before.   The induction process is an ever evolving thing.   It is fluid.  And usually the artists who deserve to get in, do.  As for artists from other genres, I have to remind people that the Rock Hall inducts influences from other genres as well.   That is what makes Rock and Roll so great.   So the class of 2019 are as follows:


The Cure

Def Leppard

Janet Jackson

Stevie Nicks


Roxy Music

The Zombies


I am not going to toot my own horn, but Toot Toot.   I got all but 2 right.  I thought that Todd Rundgren, and Rage Against the Machine would be in before Janet Jackson.   I do believe that there is another female performer that should definately be in before Janet.    Miss Pat Benatar.  But, overall ..I am happy with this year's selections...and look forward to the induction ceremony.