Top Ten Reasons Summer is The Best Season

August 17, 2018

Greetings all !!!

With this being my inaugural blog post with WNCX, and the summer coming to a close, I thought I would share with you a special Top Ten list of why Summer is not only better than Autum, but is the best season of all. 

1.   OPTION OF BEING NAKED IN A LOT MORE PLACES !!! - The more you can be without clothes, the better, if you ask me !!

2.   Fireflies/Lightning bugs -  Nothing says summer like these little flying lanterns.  Sad thing is, there seems to be less and less of them. 

3.   Thunderstorms -  There is nothing like a great Thunderstorm at night in the summer, watching the lightning, hearing the cracking of the thunder.  

4.    Pools/Beaches - Regardless of your preference,  being able to dip your nearly naked body in a body of water with many strangers around, is always good (see number 1 for naked reference).

5.    4th of July - Parades, good food, good music, friends, family, and let's not forget ....FIREWORKS !

6.    My Birthday -  When I was a kid, I always thought that schools let kids off for 2 weeks at Christmas, but because my birthday is July 24,  I assumed kids got off 3  months for my birthday.  A month and a half to prepare for the day, and a month and a half to recover.   Must the be the narcissist in me. 

7.    Amusement Parks -  Nothing like riding rollercoasters, and eating bad food all day in the hot sun.

8.    BBQ's/Picnics/Sitting on the porch - Great times, great food, great friends and family, and hopefully...WNCX 

9.    Baseball game/Hot Dogs -  Though my favorite sport is football, there is something about watching a baseball game in summer, and having a couple hot dogs.  The hot dogs at a ballgame always taste better than anywhere else. 

10.  The smell of freshly cut grass - Such a great, clean smell.