Odell Beckham Jr

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Odell Beckham Jr. fires back at critics in Twitter "therapy" session Monday

Pro Bowl WR says "I want to win" and is "comin wit a bag fulll of energy"

April 23, 2019

Cleveland, OH (92.3 The Fan) – Odell Beckham Jr. heard enough.

Beckham took to Twitter on Monday and defended himself against critics before going on the offensive to express his personal and professional happiness following the blockbuster trade to the Browns, which was officially completed on March 13.

Beckham fired off a total of 48 tweets, kindled by a post he saw from hotnewhiphop.com that quoted NJ.com’s interview with Giants general manager Dave Gettleman, who alleged that a culture problem within the Giants was created by Beckham which ultimately led to him agreeing to the trade with Browns GM John Dorsey the evening of March 12.

Beckham quote-tweeted the post with four crying emojis and wrote, “this was by far one of the funniest things I’ve seen today!”

As Beckham's mentions began to blow up with Giants fans, Beckham began firing back before he eventually unloaded on the Giants and Gettleman.

In response to a fan that criticized him for critical comments he made while with the Giants Beckham wrote, “The truth shall set u free my friend. I was raised to be honest. I’m a winner, I don’t accept losing and making excuses for it. So me speaking up to hopefully change a culture into somethin better, is bad for the culture? Lol that makes sense to u, hey man whatever helps u sleep.”

Another fan tweeted at Beckham that he hated how Gettleman not only handled the trade but how he has been blaming Beckham for the Giants’ problems which prompted this response, “I gave them everything I had bruh bruh errr Sunday . Just put some respect on my name that’s all I’m sayin! I ain’t sayin nothin, n trust me I got a LOTTTTT of info that people don’t kno about so, so keep my name outcha mouth the way I do yalls ! Ya diggg.”

Beckham answered criticism about not attending the final four Giants games in 2018 following a quadriceps injury that he originally tried to play through before aggravating it again in practice that ultimately forced him to shut it down for the year.

“Ask the coach .... I beggged him to go to each and every one of those games actually for my teamatws and to be on the sideline for the home games... he told me “No”.... anything else sir. (That’s to whoever tweeted askin why I didn’t travel while I was hurt....) next.”

Beckham clearly was not happy how Gettleman and the Giants handled things before and after the trade and he did not hold back.

“Im not upset in ANY way about where I landed. But outta respect what they did , was crazy! And beyond disrespectful ! I wanted nothin but the best for NY. But on to a new chapter.... ITS LIFE.”

Beckham then took aim at Gettleman’s “we didn’t sign him to trade him” pledge as he continued to respond to New York fans.  

“We didn’t sign him to trade him...” you don’t get married to get a divorce ... I tried my best , the situation I had been in since I got there never changed ... we were still losing. PERIOD... money doesn’t bring happiness brotha... remember that.”

The Browns acquired Beckham along with Pro Bowl defensive end Olivier Vernon for the 17th and 95th picks in the 2019 draft as well as right guard Kevin Zeitler and safety Jabrill Peppers in a trade that is expected to go down as one of the biggest not only in franchise history for the Browns but potentially NFL history should Cleveland finally return to prominence on the field.

Fans also did not hold back calling Beckham names, even a loser and cancer, to which he replied, “Ask any one of my teammates of who I was as a teammates and a man and a person.... yes I’m cancer to a place that’s ok wit losing because I want to win that BADDD. Ur absolutely correct !”

The three-time Pro Bowl receiver was finally asked what he’s looking forward to most in Cleveland which provided him with another opportunity to take another parting shot at his former team.

“A new beginning... and media that isn’t gonna have or look for a story of a sneeze or blow my nose wrong ! Im lookin forward to what God has in store for me!! I’m lookin for to Jarvis Landry and a fresh start.”

As the tweet storm, which Beckham referred to as a “therapy session,” unfolded Browns fans started to take up for him and make it known that he has not only been welcomed with open arms in Cleveland, but they are excited that he is going to be counted on to turn their favorite team into a Super Bowl contender this fall.

“Cleveland is my home now,” Beckham tweeted. “Trust me I’m comin wit a bag fulll of energy, I want to win. Period. Im right where God wanted me to be. Let’s have some fun!”

Although Beckham has been away from the Browns following his introductory press conference on April first, he seemed to indicate that he’ll return to town for the extra voluntary minicamp this week when he asked “What’s the best place to eat in Cleveland !!?!” and “What other spots should I hit up in the land!!!!”