This Is Why You Won't Find Conversation Heart Candy On The Store Shelves For Valentine's Day This Year

January 23, 2019

These conversation heart candies have been around as long as I can remember. What would Valentine's Day be without them? Well, we're about to find out. The New England Confectionery Company (or "Necco") is no longer producing the cute Valentine's Day candy. They have been making them since 1901 and these conversation hearts have become the most popular Valentine's Day candy in America.

There is some good news, we only have to go without for this year, 2019. Necco closed in July of 2018, In September, Necco was purchased by Round Hill Investments, who then sold the SweetHearts brand to Spangler Candy Company. Spangler didn't have enough time to produce 8 billion of the candy for Valentine's Day 2019. So Spangler's CEO said they have already started producing the hearts for Valentine's Day 2020. 

You may be able to find them on some store shelves this year or on Amazon, but be careful because they will most likely be from last year.