Legendary TV Personality Ron "The Ghoul" Sweed Passed Away At 70

April 3, 2019
Ron Sweed The Ghoul

© John Collier, Fawn Bifoss, Detroit Free Press


Legendary Cleveland TV personality Ron ‘The Ghoul’ Sweed passed away Monday evening following a heart attack several months ago, according to his ex-wife. Barbara J. King, on facebook.

When I read this on social media last night , I didn't want to believe it. I even made a couple of comments I thought not hearing anything on the news, maybe it couldn't be true. After waking up this morning to all the news reports and all the social media posts, it's a sad day. I had the opportunity to work with Ron at WNCX. The Ghoul was such a character, but Ron Sweed was a soft spoken, kind and generous man. We used to talk about crazy B movies, my favorite was, "Attack of the Mushroom People", I remember what a big fan of The Beatles he was, he found a pair of boots that were styled in the image Beatle boots he was so proud to wear them. It's an end of an era. There will never be another "The Ghoul," but sadder, there will never be another Ron Sweed.