Little Girl Sings 'Bohemian Rhapsody' From Car Seat, Knows Every Word

December 4, 2018

A-ha! Future generations may not be doomed after all!

Charlene McMahon's daughter was clearly raised listening to great music. Way to go, mom!

Holly Lee, an obvious Queen fan, knows all the words to 'Bohemian Rhapsody - even if some are a bit slurred. She even has the Wayne's World headbanging down pat. 

McMahon is quoted on YouTube saying that her rock star daughter belts out the hit multiple times a day and, since Holly is so stinkin' adorable, I'm assuming there are more performance videos to come. 

Some comments on the video include:

Bet that Freddy Mercury is smiling from ear to ear in musical heaven! Well done girl! And hats off to the mother for such an upbringing. There's hope for us yet ;)

Somebody is raising their kid right!

That's not an easy song to remember, she did great, what a cutie.

Including the guitar solo, wow!!! The younger they learn, the better!!

That's what I call good parenting! My heart is melting! Well done!

Future rock star!

See the performance for yourself!