Ohio Teacher Uses Michael Stanley To Educate Students

November 12, 2018

After one too many unnecessary interruptions in her classroom, a local schoolteacher decided to establish some new rules in a very unique way.

Mrs. Strine, an Ohio 3rd grade teacher, created a visual that shows her students the only times in which it's okay to interrupt reading sessions and conferences. Examples like fires or tornadoes are included along with far-out occurrences such as alien invasions.

However, Strine used one particularly exciting circumstance that not only lays down the law, but teaches students about great music as well.

Mrs. Strine

The fifth and final situation where Strine will let an interruption go unpunished is if Michael Stanley happens to walk through the door. 

"The kids now know who Michael and his band are," she said in a Facebook post.

Now that's one great way to make sure the kids follow the rules all while appreciating true rock and roll.