Family's Love For Queen Leads Young Daughter To Greatness

December 14, 2018

Left: Angelina Right: Globe Photos-Sipa USA


To say music is a powerful tool would be an incredible understatement. It’s healing, it’s inspiring, it’s motivational. Listening to music can calm us down, pump us up, help us grow. Our interest in music allows us to form bonds, build relationships and find ourselves.

For Angelina, a high-schooler in Plainville, IL, music has done all of the above.

“Music has always been a huge thing in our house,” said Robyn, Angelina’s mother. “We are huge supporters of the arts.”

Robyn, whose favorite band is Muse, taught all four of her kids about music which, in turn, inspired them to go on to love and respect all the greats. Angelina in particular is mostly a classic rock fan who loves the sounds of the Rolling Stones, Journey, the Beatles and Joe Cocker.

However, her real true love when it comes to music is that of Queen.

According to Robyn, when Angelina was a baby, she was only able to fall asleep with music playing in the background and has been saying that Queen was one of her favorite bands since she was able to speak… literally! Even as an elementary school student, Angelina was “shook to her core” after her mom showed her the video of Queen’s Live Aid performance.

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“She’s felt like a misfit her entire life and Freddie Mercury just embodied stepping out of your comfort zone to be who you are and to follow your passions,” Robyn explained. “This bullied kid from Zanzibar went on to be the most iconic voice (and songwriter) in history. And he did it himself. He did it proudly. That’s really a great message for kids today.”

While Angelina has been passionate about music her whole life, it wasn’t until her parents went through a divorce that its role grew. While just a child, she turned to music to keep her distracted and, in turn, spent much of her time teaching herself piano.

“She never had a lesson and plays everything from memory,” Robyn gloated.

In the video below, Angelina is sitting at a piano, teaching herself to play ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ without even using sheet music. Though just a short clip, it shows us that Angelina has put her heart and soul into music, both as a performer and a listener. It’s clear that the 17-year-old is not only full of talent, but emotion as well.

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“She’ll insist her favorite song is ‘Radio Gaga,’ but I know it isn’t,” said Robyn. “She openly cries when ‘The Show Must Go On’ plays.”

However, the most powerful part of Angelina’s story has yet to be told. After she graduates high school, she will be attending cosmetology school so she can get a job that will allow her to support herself while furthering her studies.

Angelina's future major? Music education so she can pay it forward.

“Her middle school choir director helped to ignite a passion within her, giving her a safe space to flourish,” Robyn explained. “Music became her escape from reality.”