The Album Cover That Fueled "Paul Is Dead" Rumors

August 8, 2018

Let’s be real here... is there anything more addicting than a good conspiracy theory? They truly are my portals down into the rabbit holes that I have a hard time finding my way out of.

Personally I love reading about JFK, Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain and Area 51. My favorite types of conspiracy theories are those with such thought out explanations of occurrences that I change my stance each and every time I read another article.

The “Paul is dead” theory is not one of those. However, I get so entertained reading about the theories fans have come up with over the years. Better yet, I find much more entertainment learning about all the things Paul, John, Ringo and George did to fuel the rumors (well, that's my opinon). 

Some quick background in case you need a refresher…

In the late ‘60s, rumors started to spread that stated “the real” Paul McCartney died in a car accident. It was believed by theorists that the British authorities and the crew behind the Fab Four covered up Paul’s death not only because of what it might do to the band’s success, but also because of the negative and perhaps fatal impact it would have on their millions of fans. According to the theory, in order to not let the public know of Paul's alleged passing, they had to replace him with an imposter named Billy Shears.

From playing songs backwards to find hidden lyrics (“I buried Paul”) to literally analyzing Shears’ face (are their chins a little different?), rumors trying to confirm Paul’s death spread quickly.

Of all the pieces of "evidence" trying to prove that the Paul McCartney as we know him is an imposter, my favorite has to be the Abbey Road album cover. 

On this day (August 8th) in '69, the band shot the photos for the album in London and filled it with what theorists believed were coded clues tied to the conspiracy. The “McCartney truthers” thought that John, Ringo and George felt so guilty about covering up Paul's death that they used the Abbey Road album cover as a message to those who wanted to know the truth.

Here is the official list of the clues from the Abbey Road album that fueled the "Faul McCartney" rumors:

It kind of looks like a funeral procession. Some theorists point out that John, Ringo and George are donning their attire to represent the colors of mourning in various religions and cultures. Others think that John’s white outfit is to represent a priest, Ringo’s black clothes represent a pallbearer, George’s denim represents a gravedigger and Paul’s bare feet indicate he’s dead.

Speaking of Paul… isn’t he a lefty? Fans of the Fab Four were quick to point out that Paul was holding his cigarette in his right hand, suggesting that this person on the album cover is an imposter.

The automobiles in the background are kind of specific. Though Paul would have been 27 in ’69, conspiracy theorists thought that the VW Beetle’s license plate, LMW 28IF, suggested that Paul would have been 28 years old IF he were still alive.

On the other side of the street is a black police van, which theorists believed symbolized the British authorities who kept the accident that was said to kill Paul quiet.

Who are the onlookers? Again, another stretch, but the three folks on the left hand side of the road are supposed to represent John, Ringo and George while the guy by himself right hand side of the road is supposed to represent Paul.

They couldn’t have fixed the Beatles sign? The band’s name is written in tiles on the wall on the back cover, and there is an obvious crack sunning through the final letter. After the release of Abbey Road, the public soon learned that The Beatles were broken up and this album would actually be the band’s final studio album as a foursome.

Who’s that girl? On the album's back cover, it appears that a woman is walking rather quickly. On the night of Paul’s alleged accident, it was rumored that he had been driving with a fan named Rita. Theorists believe that this blurry, blue dress wearing female is to represent Rita fleeing the scene.

Connect the dots. Literally. Look to the top left of the back cover and there are some random dots embedded in the cement wall. This one is a stretch, but apparently if you literally “connect the dots” in a certain way, you’ll see the number “3,” which may or may not represent the remaining three Beatles.


What do you believe? Is Paul dead? Was he replaced by a faux? Faul McCartney, if you will?