Bucky The Deer Is Stuck In The Flats

November 6, 2019
A one-antlered buck grazes a field in Ontario in the late afternoon. Deer shed their antlers in the winter and regrow them in the summer. Mnj Wild Art Deer

© Jason J. Molyet/News Journal


This guy has been stuck over on the west bank by Shooters since this past Sunday. If I'm not mistaken isn't it the rut season going for them and perhaps this buck was tracking the scent of a doe to Shooters? Or was trying to get into Christie's?

Well someone this past Sunday saw Bucky and recruited some help to build a ramp, get some veggies, even hired an animal specialist to get this guy out from being stuck under a bridge. Now if they're successful where do they release Bucky? Somewhere along the Shoreway or W. 25th? HERE is the story of Bucky thanks to News Channel 5.

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