Her Dag Gum Dog Done Shot Her By Accident

October 9, 2019
A mixed breed dog named Grover attended the event. The Village Idiot Pub on Harrison Street in Cocoa Village hosted Village Strikes Back Against Dorian, a Sunday event at Riverfront Park to raise money for The Red Cross relief efforts in the Bahamas, foll

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In Oklahoma, man's best friend needs to go with his man to go to...gun obedience safety school or something HERE. See, it wasn't dog bites man but dog accidentally shoots a man's wife. Thanks to KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City, they share the story of this, also the (okay the woman lived so we can say this so don't be offended) the very funny 911 calls associated with this gun accident. Next time you take the dog out in the truck, make sure the safety is on, or in this case don't drive anywhere near a train crossing. Better yet, leave the dag-gum-gun at home. You have a great day and thanks for stopping by.