Where's The "Victory Possum" From Last Night's Browns Game?

September 21, 2018

He, I'm assuming it's he, is a giant possum found by a fan who was at last night's Browns win over the Jets. Mister Possum maybe got his co-ordinates wrong about where to get a beer out of the "Victory Fridge" because it certainly wasn't at First Energy Stadium. So now, people are wondering what became of the "Victory Possum" who was carted off in a box by security after the game? Cmon, possum lives matter and this dude needs to be at every home game from now on.

Thanks to YouTube where another fan shot this capture of the "Victory Possum" HERE. Hopefully he'll be given amnesty, given a name and we'll see him along the sidelines in a cage on Sunday, October 7th for the Browns - Ravens home game.

You have a great weekend, enjoy this win. See you this coming Monday morning at 5:30 and thanks.