Jimmy Donovan On The Hiring Of Freddie Kitchens

January 10, 2019

© Ken Blaze | 2018 Nov 11 USA Today Images

My top 3 choices in order for the Browns HC job was - 1. Mike McCarthy. 2- Bruce Arians. 3- Gregg Williams because all have been NFL HC's before. The top 2 have done pretty good with McCarthy winning a Super Bowl at Green Bay. Arians being named 2 time NFL coach of the year while at Arizona, went to the NFC Championship game with the Cardinals and was on the staff as OC during the Butch Davis years in Berea. But now Browns GM John Dorsey is swinging for the fences again with Freddie Kitchens. Just like he did with Baker Mayfield which is who I wanted at #1. Denzel Ward at #4 in the 2018 NFL Draft warmed up on me after the season opening home game against Pittsburgh. 

But let's hear from someone who's waaaaay more qualified than me on this. HERE is "Voice of the Browns" Jimmy Donovan on how he feels about Freddie being THE GUY. I just hope Dorsey is right, like he was with Mayfield, Ward, Chubb, Calloway, heck he did indeed pick a helluva draft.

You have a great day and Happy Friday-Eve.