Juvenile Steals Mustang From Hopkins Car Rental Lot

September 11, 2019
Ford Flat Rock Assembly Plant material planning and logistics manager Ed Salna and Ford group Vice President for Product Development Raj Nair pull up in a Ruby Red 2014 Mustang convertible, April 17, 2013. It's the one millionth Ford Mustang built at the



Boy this sure took some...wheels and this kid's gotta future as a NASCAR or stunt driver. I'd include this kid's couple of accomplices but they couldn't avoid the spike strips leaving the lot. HERE is the story, thanks to our bud's at News Channel 5, of a juvenile who took troopers and a variety of other cops on a 130 MPH chase on 480 and beyond, and got away with it for bit. And wait til you hear what he won...no jail time. You have a great day and thanks for stopping by.